The whole trip was so quick that it seems like a dream. It is comforting that I was in the professional care of you and your friendly staff.–Everyone who visits your website should be aware of this! If your objective is to attract a foreign patient base- I think the first thing a foreigner who frequents your website will question how many foreigners do you treat and what can they expect…essentially the potential candidate should be aware that a HT at your clinic is just as viable/safe/effective as any credible institution in North America/Europe. I think it is critical that this is clearly communicated on the homepage of your website. Just thought I’d share a couple thoughts since I truly believe the value in your services- more so than some clinics in North America. In addition, I noticed you have a snip-it on youtube- where you speak about marketing….Since you are very articulate and have a solid presence, would you consider leveraging this and have an actual video of yourself (speaking about HT options) posted directly on the homepage of your website- I feel it would create immediate credibility even before someone has met you in person.

I feel great and in no discomfort or pain whatsoever. the suture line is only tender to the touch. I have showered and cleansed by dabbing the area gently.

​Thanks again for taking such good care of me, I truely appreciate it and will definitely see you when I am in India next.

Take care,