I first contacted Dr. Sandeep Sattur and Dr. Indu Sattur back in 2013, when I was keen on finding out what’s involved in a hair transplant procedure. On top of my head, hairs was receding at a steady rate. Dr. Sandeep Sattur and Dr. Indu Sattur, cleared all of my doubts and after deciding we started medicines to improve the receding of the hairs. After 1 year, the results were amazing. We continued the medicines and 2 months back we decided to have hair transplant (FUT), a date was set for the surgery 12th December 2015. The operating theatre was all set up for the procedure. I was tensed, about the procedure. Dr. Sandeep sattur, and the staff really took care of me. They ensured that I was at ease and comfortable before starting the procedure. This included playing music tunes throughout the procedure. The anesthesia was administered and the transplant procedure started. The procedure lasted the entire day and although it was tiring, Dr. Sandeep sattur and Dr. Indu sattur were very good at their job constantly making sure that I was at ease and comfortable. The grafts were planted with utmost care and precision. The staff was always at hand to ensure your day stay is comfortable. In terms of pain, there was no pain under local anesthesia. At the end of the procedure, I was given clear directions on what needed to be done in terms of after care. Now I’m just waiting for the new hairs to grow. Keeping fingers crossed. Thank you to Dr. Sandeep Sattur, Dr. Indu Sattur and the team. Wish you guys Merry Christmas, and a happy new year 2016. Cheers.