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Dr. Sandeep Sattur Hairrevive :: Best Hair Transplant Center in India, Mumbai

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Evidence Based Hair Restoration…

Hair restoration has now entered the next level of evolution. The restriction of limited donor area of the scalp has been overcome with the use of non-scalp donor areas like the shadow area of the beard, chest, back etc.

This has been possible with refinements in instrumentations for follicular unit extraction (FUE) which now allows us to harvest hair follicles from non-scalp areas like the beard, torso etc. Many patients who could not get complete cover due to limited scalp donor capabilities can now get some help due to augmentation in the number of the donor follicles with use of non-scalp areas. Moreover, a combination of Scalp FUE and non-scalp FUE like beard/chest etc. or a combination of Scalp FUE and strip harvest in eligible patients can further improve the donor yield without compromising the donor area (moth-eaten appearance due to overharvesting with only scalp FUE).

At HAIRREVIVE, we offer all possible techniques to get optimum donor yield. We can combine FUE of scalp with FUE from beard or chest/back or combine FUE with strip harvest to achieve a larger yield from the donor which helps to cover a larger area of hair loss. All this, without really compromising the donor area on the scalp, which would have been otherwise overharvested if only one technique of donor harvest was adhered to.

Another addition in the armamentarium of hair loss treatments is Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP). With the help of SMP we are not only able to conceal the thinning in the affected areas but also conceal the donor area scars resulting from strip harvest or follicular extraction. SMP can be useful in augmenting the visual density after a hair transplant as well. So, with a holistic approach of using medications, hair transplantation and SMP we can address the concerns of hair loss in most patients.

Case Studies / Stories

Mr. PD (Chicago)

“A LINER ABOUT THE CASE” Hi Dr. Sattur. It’s been a week since my hair procedure with you in Mumbai. The recovery has been going well and I am back to the grind of my every day routine. I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your dear wife who went the extra mile to accommodate me given my short stay in Mumbai. Your team was just the best. Their welcoming smiles and services made me feel right at home. Your Anesthesiologist was very efficient and friendly and kept me comfortable thought out the procedure. Please convey my thanks to her. Your honesty throughout my consultations was what impressed me the most and made me be more realistic about my expectations.

Our Team


Hair Restoration Surgeon at Hairrevive – Center For Hair Restoration and Skin Rejuvenation.

An alumnus of the Grant Medical College, Mumbai, India. He completed his MBBS, MS (General Surgery) and M.Ch. (Plastic Surgery) from this institute.

He has been practicing in Mumbai for the last 18 years being affiliated to and having hospital privileges at Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital Powai, and Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central.

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Medical Director, Hair Restoration Specialist and Cosmetologist at Hairrevive – Center for Hair Restoration and Skin Rejuvenation.

An alumnus of Grant Medical College, Mumbai, India, she completed her MBBS and Diploma in Anaesthesia from this institute. Initial years were dedicated to the practice of anesthesia. However, she was a part of the hair transplant team right from the beginning. Due to her interest in Cosmetic Science and Hair Restoration, she choose to opt for a practice dedicated to cosmetology and hair restoration. Moving ahead in this direction she completed her Diploma in Trichology and Skin Aesthetics.

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Associate, Hair Restoration, and Cosmetology at Hairrevive – Center for Hair Restoration and Skin Rejuvenation.

Dr. Suruchi Patil is an alumnus of Nagpur University, who is a part of the Hair Transplant team at Hairrevive. She assists in hair transplant. She also is involved in performing Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, and LHR.

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