Dr. NG

Respected Sir and Madam,

I hereby just want to convey you my heartiest regards for the successful follicular hair transplant surgery performed by you.

Sir, it was a nice experience that day. Amongst the things that amazed me the most was the fact that even in local anaesthesia such a lengthy surgery went so smoothly and was painless. I think it is possible only in the experienced hands like yours. I was very comfortable in semi-sitting position during surgery. It was nice to talk to you, to ask you queries during the surgery and to listen the soothing music throughout the surgery.

Although , the surgery was lengthy, the soothing background music, discussion and snacks break were all that made it enjoyable and it was very much like a informal weekend gathering.

In fact, despite being a doctor I had some fear in my mind before undergoing the surgery. But painless and enjoyable experience of the surgery left no place for fear in my mind. And if required, I will be happily ready to undergo 2 nd sitting under local anaesthesia.

I am very much thankful to both of you.……….