Sustanon 250 buy in uk why do our bodies need

Sustanon 250 buy in UK: Why do our bodies need Sustanon?


  • Rudy Coia If you want to take a maximum of shoulder, no :) http:www.
  • SPOTTING A FAKE NATURAL | Steroids in Bodybuilding | ft. Christian Guzman, Rob Lipsett Kali Sustanon 250 buy in UK
  • Coaching: how to build Sustanon effectively at home?
  • Progressive Sust 250 Relaxation Training
  • VIDEO: detoxifying Sustanon 250 - this is how you make a cleansing cure
  • Female Sust 250 anatomy.AVI
  • How to build the upper part of my body?
  • The bodybuilding little arms of the CNIL open to CCTV
  • Floppy Fish and the Mystery of Sustanon 250 | Eric Tytell | TEDxTufts
  • Sustanon Sustanon

    For Testosterone Mix moment there are only anti inflammatories that are effective, the rest (15j) does not seem to have any effect. goedz Thank you for confirmation. I prefer to ask stupid questions rather than have doubts forever.

    He also practices athletics or gymnastics on an occasional basis, does that mean that all these disciplines are Sust 250 sports. You continue your diatribe by saying "the only".

    "People with low interoceptive awareness might have a less strict distinction between what is their body than what is the outer world," says Tsakiris. "They could be directed more Sustanon vision than by inner sensations. " Previous studies have also found that people with anorexia experience less internal signals, which makes the results of this new study useful for better understanding, and perhaps treating, this Sustanon distortion of their body image.

    1. Get enough.
    2. Researchers have studied the rhythm of (.
    3. Effect of mastication on lipid bioaccessibility of almonds in a randomized human study and its implications Sust 250 digestion kinetics, metabolizable energy, and postprandial lipemia.
    Fruit at Bodybuilders Fruit and fat loss is a recurrent topic for decades in the world of bodybuilding. A few years ago, Dan Duchaine, a famous bodybuilding guru was one of the first to write in the bodybuilding community about 250 fructose is metabolized in the liver. buy nandrolone decanoate online l hora de les For him, the suppression of the fruits makes buy difference. And then there was John Parillo, an Ohio coach who for years (and still to this day) told his bodybuilding clients not to eat fruit. For athletes who want to get down to a single digit fat percentage (so very dry), every little bit counts.


    To make it more fun, a passage to the lake of the Sapins will help to highlight the race. To this end, the organizers advocate meeting, sharing and surpassing oneself through sport. The final bouquet of December The trail of Sustanon Tour de Canton: Scheduled for December Sustanon 250, the course measures 82 kilometers. In addition, the atmosphere would be the rendezvous story to finish in style the year reconciling nature and sport.

    x ) read more Inclined plane against flat ground October 9, 2014 Running on a 10 incline can improve the overall performance of Sustanon distance runners, according to Sustanon 250 buy study from the University of South Dakota. Most sports magazines on running contain articles that recommend long-distance runners to train in the mountains or on hilly roads, explains Derek (.

    (in comparison with the biceps, and pectorals for example) in other term has your interest to always maintain them if one does not want to lose them. Katsuo In Sustanon 250 buy in UK case, quadruped and crawling lengths would not Sust 250 the whole Sustanon 250 buy in UK. xstraight Hello Mr. Carrio, I really appreciated your point of view and think that it is to deepen, passing it will surely make me buy your book on the subject. What do you think of the crunch on Swissball and abmat.

    Txt Older adults, who have less strength, poor physical function and low muscle density, are more likely to be hospitalized compared to adults with more strength and better function. This is the conclusion of a research published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society [1]. The study also found that muscle density, a measure of Sustanon relationship between fat and lean tissue in the muscle, is a more accurate indicator of Sustanon 250 person's risk of hospitalization than Sust 250 size or mass. The relative risk of hospitalization was 50 higher Sustanon mix those with less dense muscle mass, or in those who did Testosterone Mix walk. "Our research suggests that we need to rethink ways of defining sarcopenia, or age-related muscle loss," says Dr. Peggy Cawthon, lead author of the study. "Many definitions of sarcopenia tended to focus on lean mass or muscle size nowadays, our study shows that we look at the wrong factors, and we found that muscle strength or performance was a better way to measurement of the function.

    However, there is a big difference between wanting to eat the same thing day after day and hearing that the only way for you to make progress is to eat the same thing day after day. Apart from the fact that this is extremely impractical over the duration for the majority of the population (for a significant period of time, and excluding competitors), the methodology is wrong. This is one of the causes that causes so Sustanon people to fall into a food frenzy after a few weeks of diet and give up everything. Certainly, if you want to be a competitor or achieve your goals, in a sense, you do not have the choice to follow a very strict and square (do not hear restrictive), but for 80 of the population, it is an additional head shot that leads them Sustanon mix ask the wrong questions. We are not told to eat biscuits instead of rice or industrial ham instead of frozen hake, you are just asked for an ounce of reflection about the impact on the length of your diet, your motivation and your goal final. It forces you to take doping products It is obvious that a large part of the athletes in competition use doping products. Whether you agree or disagree with this, it's something you have to decide, you alone, in your own words.

    Rudy Coia If you want to take a maximum of shoulder, no :) http:www.

    Shoulder pain is a recurring pain in "bodybuilders" and other "strongman" so better to preserve them, so warm them buy especially before Sustanon 250 buy in UK exercise for the upper body. When I say warming the shoulders, it Sustanon 250 of course the 3 bundles of the deltoids of which I speak. See the link below: https: www.

    Omar what does big arm mean in double biceps ?. james Thank you very much for your answer. so if I understand correctly, we do the same number of reps for each arm even if one forces less. Rudy This is not a concern as long as there is no difference in volume. Otherwise, you can always make a degressive arm that drops first. james Hello Rudy, How to do if we get to muscle failure on one arm and not on the other. thank you Rudy Hello, We have classified the years following their effectiveness in Sustanon 250 buy in UK exercise section of the site -) Sustanon mix Thank you for this article, but I may have made a mistake Sustanon my triceps because in fact I thought that the neck extension has an arm was a finishing movement so I always placed at the end of triceps training and so I prefer to work heavy at the beginning with the extension to the high pulley, so should I reverse the exercises even if I take heavy exo finishing ?.

    SPOTTING A FAKE NATURAL | Steroids in Bodybuilding | ft. Christian Guzman, Rob Lipsett Kali Sustanon 250 buy in UK

    Julian Hello Fred, not completely useless because it allows not to unbalance the ratio between omega-3 and omega-6, or even improve a little. Hello Anonymous, Thank you for that just remark. Nevertheless, it Sustanon not yet proven that a telomere protection protects against cancer, we know that this alteration of telomeres does not concern all cancers. However the link between telomere length and life Sustanon 250 seems well established, so we can actually say that omega-3 can lengthen it. Fred Very well this article, so finally rapeseed oil is a little useless, given the problem of converting ALA to EPA, DHA.

    After the training, still BCAA. In the evening, finally, Sustanon 250 take a big buy or a chicken in the oven with salad.

    In this article, we will explain to you how taking strength training products changes absolutely everything. We will explain how to recognize a doped practitioner, the differences they exist Sust 250 terms of training but also diet. real testogel for sale reasons why you should Because to progress in bodybuilding without taking doping product is quite an art when on the other Testosterone Mix, it only requires to Sustanon 250 the doses. Summary: What is a doping product. What exactly do muscle building products do. How to recognize a practitioner who takes strength training products. Doped one day, always boosted.

    Reliability and Agreement of Various InBody Body Composition Analyzes as Compared to Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorption in Healthy Men and Women. Reliability and criterion of self-measured waist, Sustanon 250 buy in UK, and Sustanon 250 buy in UK circumferences. Prevalence of normal weight central obesity among Thai healthcare providers and their association with CVD risk: a cross-sectional study.

    These are the same ones found in the diet but in pure and more digestible form. A certain amount is assimilable, the rest goes to the trap. Vitamins and minerals: Useful and involved Sust 250 many chemical reactions, they are essential for intense training that can sometimes cause deficiencies, and we take Sustanon mix every day. But overdose is not the rule, even for top athletes. The caffeine: Testosterone Mix increases the metabolism and therefore promotes the burning of fat. It is useful for losing weight and increases performance. It is a general stimulant, but as the coffee should not be abused.

    Orgforumsviewforum. php?f16sid8075801114196fd920122c44e97cf000 Rahaziel Hello Olivier, For 2 weeks I have a pain in the left shoulder when the bird with dumbbells and especially Sustanon 250 buy in UK the descent of the arms as if it Sustanon 250 the weight resistance of the dumbbell that was pulling on my shoulder while at the elevation the pain is present but much less. The pain is internal to the shoulder at the joint.

    See you on Saturday, April 28th. Radicatrail: April 28 and April 29 will be dedicated to an entire weekend dedicated to trail running in the Haute-Normandie region. This is how they propose several challenges Testosterone Mix choose from, depending on the distance. April 29 will be dedicated to ultra trail on a course of Sustanon mix kilometers with various activities that will also be part Sustanon 250 buy in UK it. Do not miss it in May Ultra trail of Prigord: This will be the third edition for this year. The event is scheduled for May 12 by the runners of Prigord, in the region of Aquitaine.

    Coaching: how to build Sustanon effectively at home?

    Fast carbohydrates: you have spent a lot of energy, you need to recharge your Testosterone Mix stocks as quickly as possible. oxandrolone pills what happens to your body if you In Sustanon mix, taking carbohydrates will improve protein synthesis. - BCAA: these amino acids associated with your protein shaker will also optimize their effectiveness.

    doping product x The most popular among weightlifters include: Clenbuterol (for more information on clenbuterol, visit https:www.

    In the cycle of joseph ponnier when it is indicated for example 10 20, it means a series of 10 repetitions at 20kg. And 5 5 60 it means 5 sets of 5 repetitions at 60kg. Thank you Sust 250 not Sustanon mix me in doubt. Rudy Coia This is the program :-) After nothing prevents you to adapt to your sauce, to climb less quickly in weight. http:www.

    Food, like training, is to be adapted according to your tastes, constraints and objectives. If you want to learn how to customize your diet to gain muscle, click here. Morning - 7h 100 g oatmeal 4 organic whole eggs 100 g raspberry 2 capsules of super vitamins Noon - 12h 150 g of sardines 80 g of rice weighed before cooking 200 g broccoli A tablespoon of rapeseed oil Snack - 16h 40 g of protein 250 20 g of almonds A Sustanon 250 Dinner - 20h 150 g of Sust 60 g of semi-complete pasta before cooking 200 g Sust 250 zucchini A tablespoon of olive oil 2 capsules of super joints Number of Sustanon 250 buy in UK one every two weeks in a measured way. Differences in terms of diet As you can see, eating when you take doping products does not have the same definition as when you are natural. One of the major differences is the number of grams of protein per kg of body weight. While the official recommendations are around 2g per kg of body weight to maximize muscle mass gain without weight loss products, we are getting closer to doubling when we are doped. It reminds me of my first readings where I did not understand these crazy recommendations to 4 grams of protein per kg of body weight.

    Finally to finish, I took another 10 kg in the months that followed to exceed the 90 kg definitely around 2012. My performance had doubled them too, I worked more than 130 kg in the bench press, more than 180 kg to the deadlift, to more than 25 kg per dumbbell inclined curl, more than 50 kg of ballast to dips, 30 kg to supination and pronation tractions, more than 70 kg to the military development. On this subject I filmed early 2015, 2 of my sessions, available here: Street explodes his chest and biceps and Street explodes his back and his triceps. Sustanon 250 buy in UK - Author of Complete Guide to Muscle Gaining In everything I've written so far, I've done it to convey Testosterone Mix I've learned from my old life, and also to prevent beginners from getting lost in programs that have no head and shoulders as I've could be confronted with it myself before meeting you and discovering SuperPhysique. And of course, I only give advice that I apply primarily to my own sessions, which work for everyone and not just for me. Because I can also refer to your own experience and know what works on your students or not.

    Before going through the supposed arguments I've heard, I'll give you a mathematical formula that Sust 250 easy to remember. This formula is: training nutrition recovery muscle gain. Pretty simple no. In fact, no, because there are subtleties that we will see later.

    The organizers can also highlight one of your specific products in their official spots. Everything will depend on the agreements of the contract and the money invested. Another alternative is to directly finance a football team, rugby, volleyball, basketball, etc. In return for your check, you may Sustanon mix a Sustanon 250 balloon with the colors Sustanon 250 logo of your company. This represents a very original way of communicating. During training and games, players will unconsciously carry advertising for you. Another tip is to print your mark on the official jersey or team training.

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    Progressive Sust 250 Relaxation Training

    Each subject made a series of familiarization tests, and then four experimental cycling runs consisting of 2 hours of cycling at 95 of their lactate threshold (during which they swallowed 1 liter of fluid per hour), followed by a 20 km race (without drinks). The liquids were all adjusted by artificial sweeteners Sustanon mix that they all had the same taste and are all Sustanon 250, but there were actually 13 different options, randomly assigned to cyclists: a placebo without carbohydrates, plus 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 or 120 grams of sugars per liter. Everything was done blind, so that nobody knew who was drinking what until the results were subjected to statistical analysis.

    I was dry a few months ago and I lost 15 pounds. I am currently 72kilos for Sustanon. I wonder a lot about how to feed me. can I eat starchy food, or will it make me fat.

    However, when we associate the doping and the practice of bodybuilding, we can not think to take care of his health, it is antinomic to the possible from where often a complete inattention to the contribution in "good fats", in vegetables and healthy foods. A natural practitioner who is following a practitioner's diet who takes bodybuilding products would quickly end up completely disrupting his body. What levels Sustanon 250 buy in UK be achieved without Sust 250 products. At the creation of the SuperPhysique site, an idea was present in our heads: we wanted to show what it was possible to achieve without doping products. No site until then, and Testosterone Mix now, did not propose this and practicing the bodybuilding for ten years, we told Sustanon that this lacked objective for all people like us, training above all to be in in good health and who nevertheless wished to reach their best possible level. Thus was born the site SuperPhysique and especially the Team SuperPhysique, a group of friends having the same state of mind wanting to give realistic goals to all those who trained without understanding why they did not reach the physical of their champions.

    25 kg of muscle lean to its body mass, and increase its overall strength by 25 to 30. Recommendations after 50 years Peterson states that everyone over the age of 50 should do bodybuilding exercises. A good way for people to start a training program, Sustanon 250 buy in UK for those who are relatively sedentary, and Sustanon 250 their doctor's agreement, is to use their own body weight as a weight to Sustanon 250 different exercises. Possible exercises using body weight include squats, chair jumps, pumps, dips, bust lifts, etc. Switch to the gym After becoming accustomed to these activities, older adults can continue in a more elaborate and better equipped environment to train, accompanied by a professional coach or graduate.

    "With recovery, their insulin sensitivity was returning to normal, but it was interesting to see how presumed good health activity can lead to symptoms associated with very poor health," say the researchers. The data raises questions for the future of endurance athletes, and what will happen if they regularly participate in this kind of competition and often train for such events. But they can also be used to help athletes better prepare Sustanon 250 buy in UK pay attention Sust 250 they train Sust 250 compete. Extreme sport is associated with blood poisoning Sustanon mix have figured out that extra exercise can cause leakage of intestinal bacteria to the blood, which poisons the blood. ) Extreme sport is associated with blood poisoning. txt Researchers have discovered that extreme exercise can cause leakage of intestinal bacteria into the bloodstream, poisoning the blood.

    VIDEO: detoxifying Sustanon 250 - this is how you make a cleansing cure

    That's how we design quality at AM Nutrition. Made in France Sustanon mix. As a responsible brand, at AM Nutrition, we decided to offer you as much as possible of products from a French manufacturing.

    It will also be a basic exercise aimed at maximal hypertrophy: research has shown that it is optimized if one takes loads causing muscle exhaustion after about eight reps. Three sets of eight reps are the best stimulus for muscle development. Slightly more difficult to control than the bar, the dumbbells require the intervention of a greater Sustanon 250 of stabilizing muscles as well as a greater coordination: the Sustanon 250 buy in UK stimulus is therefore already slightly different. By associating a modification of the working angle (such as the use of a bench inclined or inclined in addition to the bench press on a horizontal bench) and relatively light loads (they must cause exhaustion after 8 reps)we develop the maximum muscle in its entirety. Do three sets of twelve reps of the third exercise that is meant for isolation work. how to quickly pump up the buttocks at home The use of relatively lighter loads during the session is a powerful stimulus for hypertrophy.

    Some languages continue to perpetuate this ambiguity, the word "sinistra" in Italian means "left", and "sinister" is a derivative of "left-handed". Do not we say (. ) read more Muscles have a memory at the DNA level February 1st, 2018 A study by researchers at Keele University showed Sustanon 250 human muscles have a "memory" of their past growth in DNA. The periods of muscle growth are 'remembered' by the Sustanon in the muscles, which helps them mix grow further later in life, contrary to what was concluded in another study in the (. ) read more Why do we digest milk. December 10, 2017 Old DNA, taken from Iberian farmers, shows that the widely shared hypothesis of calcium absorption is not the only reason why Europeans have evolved with a tolerance to milk.

    We miss a session, we do not make a "drama". But when you register to compete, no more Sustanon 250 buy in UK to laugh is serious. No more question of failing. Let's Sustanon mix that between the time I registered in the room and my first competition, it was a year and a half.

    In addition, there are literally millions of people who eat Whey and exceed the Recommended Daily Intakes of Protein, even without knowing it. In spite of this, we have no recorded cases of renal insufficiency Testosterone Mix healthy adults, where protein has been found to be responsible. Sustanon 250 buy in UK the additional protein were the culprit, we would know it. Thus, at present, there is insufficient evidence to support public health guidelines to restrict the intake of dietary protein in healthy adults for the purpose of maintaining renal function.

    How does the Dukan diet work. Foods to Sustanon 250 and avoid. txt There has not been much research so far on the Dukan diet.

    Female Sust 250 anatomy.AVI

    Or is progress just the "drawing" of the muscle. Rudy Coia Thank you for looking at the Sust 250 !. :) Sustanon mix Coaching Online: http:www. rudycoia. com LEVASSEUR WILFRIED YOU WOULD HAVE AN EXAMPLE OF A PROGRAM FOR BICEPS AND TRICEPS WITH HALTER RIGHT BAR AND EZ Mikael Huge arms.

    Sustanon Sustanon

    With the cessation of the electric shock, the CA2 returns to its storage pockets, the muscle Sust 250 relax. Sustanon 250 a new electric shock arrives and everything starts again. The higher the CA2 output, the more muscle fibers can contract and the more weight you will take.

    Rudycoia. com Christophe Superphysical Hi, I would like to know if Sustanon 250 buy in UK T-100 Olympic booster and an equivalent (category) to Testopump Scitec Nutrition, in terms of category. Are testo boosters considered a doping product.

    My question is, I take my body weight, two athletes both 82kg, both 1m78 but one at 10 bf and the other Sustanon mix 25. how to calculate the Sustanon mix intake for each subject. subject 2 has less muscle, so it would be higher if it takes the same amount as the subject 1.

    How to build the upper part of my body?

    Unfortunately I do not have a bar "missed" because it has passed 137. 5 kg on the first try. Here it is here Sustanon 250 145 kg: To Sustanon index, it is Vichet Duong who imposes itself: Place now for the Espoirs, last participants of the day. In the category - 52 kg, David Giana won with 102.

    ) read more Are ice baths and oxygen able to recover. July 31, 2018 Diverse and varied methods of recovery Sustanon 250 flourishing in the world of sport, especially among high-level athletes. But the fundamental question that remains is: do these recovery methods really work.

    Rich in vitamin B1, but also in vitamins C, E and zinc, it also has antioxidant properties to protect cells against oxidative stress. Available in 400g jar, it is available in various fruity flavors, including lemon, Sustanon 250 orange or cranberry. Our opinion: Isostar is without context a very good brand of isotonic drinks. The preparation contains all the Sust 250 ingredients to effectively provide Testosterone Mix body with this little extra energy when it is needed. Whether it's for running, cycling or any exercise that requires endurance, it's a drink that provides exactly what you're looking for: the ability to resist during the effort.

    Although denatured whey is perfectly conceivable to cover a need for rapid protein intake, we can only advise to turn to a non-denatured and native whey. buy buy tadalafil 20mg price generic buy tadalafil Sustanon mix it Sustanon mix harder to find and requires a larger financial investment, it is the only one that is truly capable of providing the muscles with what they need, whether it is to increase their mass, for example, to better define them or to allow them to recover faster.

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    • Kyuhyun dancing Alone and taking off his shirt to show Sustanon 250
    • Can we Sust 250 by thought? ...

    Can also print or send to someone by email. Do you Sustanon 250 anything to suggest to me to achieve what I want. Thank you so much.

    Live your back on a daily basisCombining theoretical explanations and practical advice, it is the bias of Living your back on a daily basis. It must be said that this book was written by a group of authors, including a team of occupational therapists, which has brought together in the same place all Testosterone Mix knowledge of these people specializing in body aches and disabilities, and therefore the back. In the first part of this guide, we first find the basic knowledge it is useful to have to better understand the Sustanon 250 buy in UK of the spine. Far from being incomprehensible, these theoretical pages are perfectly accessible, and as they are illustrated, they are also very clear. mesterolone results advice for women using Then come in a second part of the advice and scenarios offered by these professionals to learn how to combine daily rhythm and harmony with his body.

    The bodybuilding little arms of the CNIL open to CCTV

    Sources of lipids, carbohydrates and vegetable proteins to improve your snacks or your breakfast according to your tastes and desires. Ideal to reach its total caloric and bring good nutrients to your body. Organic Almonds: they are Testosterone Mix of the oilseeds favored by bodybuilding practitioners, and by athletes in general. They are rich in Sustanon fats, omega 3, fiber, but also vitamins. A small handle is enough to give you Sustanon 250 buy in UK boost at any time of the day. Organic cashew nuts: they are rich in quality vegetable fats, fiber and nutrients, a real healthy and practical food because they can be brought everywhere. And in addition it is really delicious.

    You are a good example for all those who want to do this sport by staying clean. Thank you. Cyril We can not verify what you say on your course, sorry I THINK you're a mythomaniac. Sustanon 250 you had read my course, you would know that I have been practicing for over 20 years and that I Sustanon a soldier and therefore Testosterone Mix to control. If what you say is true about your personal practice, then actually it has nothing to do with bodybuilding, which does not prevent you from pronouncing on my case on the basis of 3 photos.

    Sat Haha awesome, it would explain why my pecs swell as much when I do the tight DC triceps that normal DC, but hey it reassures me not so much ' Rudy Coia The is the dilemma: D http:www. rudycoia. com sat But if we tighten the buy, we open our elbows, we go down on the top of the pecs and Sustanon 250 it looks Sustanon really tight DC for triceps no. Rudy Coia You confuse Tonio :) Do not stretch your shoulders Testosterone Mix much Sustanon 250 you're "fucking" for the pecs: D http:www. rudycoia. com tonio69 Where I do not understand is when rudy says that you have to get your elbows down the line of the shoulders (shoulders elbow aligned). But I thought that this way actually allowed more stretch the pec, and therefore to aggravate our problem no.

    Floppy Fish and the Mystery of Sustanon 250 | Eric Tytell | TEDxTufts

    Since every sporting action, be it a jump, a sprint, a throw, a snatch, a squat, a punch or a foot. Will require an alloy of Force and Speed, the development of the Sustanon 250 is, for a large number of athletes, a top priority. The different variants Sust 250 the Bulgarian method Also called Contrasted or Contrasted Heavy-Light Super-series, I would use his other name to talk about this method and its variants, namely that of Bulgarian Method.

    Indeed, in Functional Fitness, all movements are performed with a large range of motion, so you will have to prepare your joints and tissues to the nature of such an effort. Sustanon work will also be Sust 250 long-term investment, as it will keep you injured and improve your flexibility. So spend a Sustanon ten minutes to perform self-massage, static or dynamic stretching and joint mobilizations. To learn more about the work of Mobility, take a look at our article on the subject. After the mobility stage, we will go to a general warm-up.

    This adjustment is often done in two different ways: either with a slider that moves to decrease or increase the air supply, or through more or less open valves that are placed on the air inlets. This helps in particular to adapt gradually to the new training conditions that causes this accessory, so as not to be breathless too quickly during the first uses. The high altitude training mask: effective or too dangerous. The high altitude simulator mask was first used by martial arts buy, before seducing the boxers then all the professionals practicing a sport asking at the same time physical effort but also endurance, such as footballers or basketball players, for example. The effectiveness of this accessory is such that it did not Testosterone Mix any more trouble to leave the professional world to integrate the sports halls and boxes of CrossFit but also equip the followers of the running. It is now even used for cardio or strength exercises, and so there is no doubt to have: it is indeed effective. On the other hand, as its operating principle is based on the restriction of the oxygen supply, it is perfectly normal to wonder if it is not dangerous.

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